• Flying at this site is restricted by the County of Maui to club members and their guests with current AMA membership.
  • All pilots must observe MRCM frequency control rules and etiquette. 
  • All model aircraft will fly only in the designated areas, and will immediately yield right of way to full size aircraft (see site map). 
  • No flying on designated no fly days, or when events at Maui Motor Sports Park make it unsafe to fly. 
  • Flight privileges shall not exceed 10 minutes per flight. 
  • Everything that comes to the field with you, goes home with you. 
  • In the event of an emergency, please contact the appropriate public service and the club. 
    • Police / Fire / Medical 911
    • Police non-emergency 808.244.6400 
    • South District Park Office 808.879.4364 
  • Only one aircraft will fly at one time, unless all pilots that are flying at the same time, verbally agree to fly together-prior to takeoff. 

On occasion, we cannot fly due to activity/events at our neighbors’ areas (drags/carts/motorcycles, etc).

Because our field is inside the Maui Raceway Park we are subject to County of Maui Park rules. This includes current AMA membership and Club membership for field usage.

  • Members and Guests only are allowed in the pits or on the flight line. Spectators must stay to the east of the pits. All pets must be on a leash. 
  • Children are not permitted in the pit area or the flight line without direct and close adult member supervision. 
  • All flying is to take place West of the near edge of the runway. All areas to the East of the runway are a no fly zone (see site map). 
  • All pilots and pilots in training are required to be familiar with, and abide by MRCM rules and the AMA safety code. All MRCM members should consider themselves safety officer assistants. 
  • All aircraft will be properly restrained while starting. 
  • Aircraft are to taxi only in the designated taxi area (see site map). Engines are to be turned off prior to returning to the pit area. 
  • Pilots will fly from the designated pilot stations (see site map). 
  • Landing aircraft have precedence over take-offs, and dead stick landings have precedence over all modeling activities. 
  • Hand launches will only be performed from the pilot station up-wind of all other pilots. 
  • Pilots with gasoline engines shall have a proper BC type fire extinguisher readily available. 
  • Watch your prop arc and your prop wash. The safety officer’s rulings are final.
  • All gasoline engine powered aircraft must have a transmitter operated way to kill the gas engine/s in flight.
  • No Drugs/alcohol/tobacco products.


Safety Rules

Operational RULES